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Okay Abbie – this post is your fault!

So my interest in pigs has been sparked due to some strong recommendations in the comments section. Plus, to be honest, if I pick up one more book about lambing problems or starting seeds I just might go crazy. This lifestyle is enjoyable but even fun things can get monotonous. Since I can’t bring myself to bring home any animal without reading at least one book about it I’ve purchased a great one about pigs titled Dirt Hog. You can read all about it over at The Beginning Farmer‘s blog because he just got done reading it. Basically it is the only real book I could find that focuses on raising pigs in a more natural setting. I’m not sure that our first pigs will be raised that way but I need to know how pigs might fit in to our farm since we’re in the process of rebuilding our facilities. I am so excited to read this book. Like I said, I just need a change of pace.

In other pig-related news, I did call around to see what is available for heritage pigs in Michigan. I found some great folks over at Back Forty Acres and have to call them again to discuss some possibilities. They raise Tamworths which I hear have great mothering instincts meaning they do well without farrowing crates. I’d like to select a breed and get a couple of pigs to raise as feeders so we can see how we like the breed and the meat. Then maybe we can think about raising our own. We’ll see what happens. I hate to make the whole thing more complicated than it has to be, but I can’t stand feeling like I don’t know how to take care of them.

By the way, if you’re interested in this book you may have to buy it. I couldn’t find it anywhere in Michigan through the library system and never came across a used copy online. I finally just paid full price through

What do you think about pigs? Or, what are you reading lately?