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Farm Update

I’m still here! Haven’t posted much this week due to the time change (I think!). I seem to be stuck in my old schedule and going to bed much later which means I’ve been dragging and tired all week. We’ve also been pretty busy, so I thought I’d fill you in with what we’ve been up to:

I know the video is a little dark but can you hear the little lamb sounds!? We had twins born yesterday. The mama had me worried as she started to have a vaginal prolapse a couple weeks ago. We fitted her with a harness truss, which is basically baling twine tied around her in a way that encourages her insides to stay in. The harness truss worked well, so well in fact that it was trying to hold the babies in! Brian came home to find feet poking out, cut the twine, and helped to deliver the first baby. Then, when he had me on the phone, another set of feet appeared! Both mama and babies are doing great, and she is showing great natural mothering instinct.

So, we only have one ewe left to lamb and I think she’s getting close. She showed some aggression towards the other lambs so right now I have her in a lambing pen while the other mothers and babies can be together in the main pen. I hope that she is gentle with her own lambs or we may have some problems.

Today I went to my Dad’s for a family gathering and bought a great little flatbed trailer from him. It will make a perfect base for an eggmobile. I’m expecting my order of heritage chicks in May which we will add to our layer flock. I also need to get in gear and build a pen for some broiler chicks, I’ve been talking about it for a long time and have a lot of interest already.

Brian is working like mad on the burnt shed now that warmer weather has come. He already filled one dumpster himself and is working on another. At first he planned to burn the old, singed lumber in his shop wood stove. Unfortunately, the foam they use to put out the fire also doesn’t allow the wood to burn. He called the foam manufacturer and was told that the foam is biodegradable so no special disposal is necessary. I can’t believe how much progress he is making! Right now we’re still unsure of exactly how we want to rebuild but plan to put a new roof on the entire building, rebuild and expand the lean to on the back, and then add siding later on. We’re still unsure if we’re going to use the excess insurance money to build a separate building for livestock or use it elsewhere and then build as we can afford it.

Brian is also getting ready to start conventional farming for the year. He spread some fertilizer on our wheat this morning and has more to do when he gets the time. We’re still not sure how much corn to plant since corn prices are soooo low, the current prices barely cover our expenses. We still have 3,000 bushels of corn from last fall that we’ve haven’t sold yet. This is also the first spring we’ve had square bales of hay left. We have about a 1,000 to sell and have had a lot of calls from one little ad on craigslist.

I’ve been knitting like an addict in my “free” time. I have the tote bag for Brian’s Mom done and one of the two handles knitted. Now I just have to finish the other handle and felt it! I have a lot of work to do on Brian’s slippers yet and have started a pair of socks for him as well. It is such a great hobby – I highly recommend it!

I’ve also borrowed a lot of books on Once A Month Cooking from the library, went grocery shopping today, and plan to make a bunch of meals to freeze tomorrow. The idea has interested me for a long time so I hope it works out. Any tips from the pros?

Even with the joys of spring I feel a teeny tiny bit sad that the lazier days of winter are over. There’s nothing lazy about summer on this farm! What about everyone else – are things getting hectic yet?


Green Baby Shower Gift Basket

Okay I have a million new things (okay maybe a dozen) to post about. The majority of our wedding invitations are mailed out so I can start to relax again and get out of lurker mode. For those of you who don’t know we are getting married August 23, 2008. I graduated from college the first week of June and took my board exams a couple weeks later. Then I started working full time and planning the wedding! All I ask is that for those of you who do read this blog please hold on a little longer. I plan to revamp the design here when I get a chance. Originally I wanted this blog to center around the farm and what Brian & I do as a couple. Now that I am finding more and more great blogs that I enjoy reading I think I am going to change the angle here to be more from just my point of view and discuss the things that I feel are important. Of course the farm happenings will still be incorporated since they are a huge, wonderful part of my life.

Anyway, I enjoy learning and reading more about how to live a “greener” lifestyle. I was raised to recycle, compost, turn the tv off, garden, etc. Now I am working on the finer points of this lifestyle. One important thing we can all do is give eco-friendly gifts. When I was invited to a good friend’s baby shower I wanted to find something to give her that would help get the baby off to a great, healthy start.

Here is what I put together:
Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Baby Wipes
Seventh Generation Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent
Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Baby Diapers
Classy Kid Keep Me Tidy Clean & Green Biodegradable Diaper Sacks
Kiddopotomus & Co. Organic Dot Swaddle
Medela Single Bottle
Medela Nipples: Medium Flow
Green Is The New Black onesie: This is not the same one that I gave as a gift. The one I found was a natural color and made of Organic cotton.

I found all of these items at Babies R’ Us. The Mom registered for the swaddle and I just took it from there. She did register for the Medela nursing system so I picked up the extra bottle and next stage of nipples for that. Total cost was around $55 with the diapers on sale. She seemed happy with it and a few other guests commented that it was a neat idea. One person asked me where I found all those cool products and I was glad I could say they are all available at Babies R’ Us! This theme could carry over in to any kind of gift. Happy Shopping! 🙂