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Journal 5/21/14

I noticed this nice link-up at Nurturing Learning.  I was thinking it was just a general bloggers’ journal link-up but, alas, it is meant for homeschoolers.  I guess that still fits.  Can you believe my boy is almost 3 and soon to be a real preschooler?

homeschool journal

In the Schoolroom:  We haven’t been doing many structured activities.  We moved our school shelves upstairs and the upstairs in still under construction so there have been no new trays.  We’ve been taking our time working through the Bible Basics stories.  This week we’re learning about Memorial Day instead.

From the kitchen:
Brian gave me the best compliment this week.  He said I’ve finally learned to make bread as well as our neighbor, Doug.  If you haven’t had Doug’s bread, you’re missing out.  It’s soft and almost as easy to use as store bought bread, but with way more flavor.  Now, mine is too!  Someday maybe I’ll share my secrets.

For Wade Dunham, for the family of baby Gray, for a family at church, and for our friends that lost a loved one a few months ago.

How I spend my days.  There has been a lot more memory-making around here lately and a lot more imaginative play (like I said, my boy is almost 3 after all!).

Books I’m Reading: Viewing Violence by Madeline Levine and The Reckoning by Beverly Lewis by my bed.  Hands Free Mama by Rachel Stafford by the couch.  Enough: Finding More by Living with Less on the Kindle.

Clicking Around: I haven’t been reading a lot of blogs or doing much in any groups.  Mostly, my time on the computer has been spent planning and printing off materials for next year.  I’m really excited about A Rhyme a Week.  Kent loves to rhyme and it is such good practice for recognizing different sounds.  He rattles of strings off silly made up words that rhyme, and he’s started noticing when 2 words have the same sounds and asking me if they rhyme (ex:  Mama, does big rhyme with brother?).

In the works:  Our upstairs is still just studs.  The flooring is all laid out but needs to be nailed down.  I need to design the built-ins so I know where to have the electrician put outlets and lighting connections.  We got an estimate for spray foam: around $1500. 

Brian bought an outdoor wood burner to heat the house and the shop.  He has a cement pad poured and electric, gas, and water lines buried.  This means we will have a lot of free space in our basement: the corn stove, holding tank for corn, huge old fuel oil furnace, fuel tank, and I think the 80 gallon water heater are all coming out!  Plus, we should save thousands of dollars in corn and electricity this way.