Montessori Resources

This one is for Jenn @ MrLittleMan.  She’s doing all sorts of cool things with her son’s tot school so check it out!  Awhile ago she inquired about some of our Montessori inspired work.

Here are my favorite resources.


  • Montessori Primary Guide: great ideas for many basic activities.
  • MontessoriMom: a list of early practical life skills.
  • Montessori for Everyone: a list of essentials for a toddler classroom.
  • NAMC Curriculum: I haven’t purchased anything but if you click on the link under each picture you can see the table of contents for each manual.  That alone is very inspiring.
  • Deb at LivingMontessoriNow is an amazing resource for everything Montessori.  I’ve had a few questions already and she has been a big help to me.

In Print:

If anyone has specific information let me know, I have too many resources listed in Evernote to post them all here! 🙂


One thought on “Montessori Resources

  1. Jenn

    Well this just made my day! Thanks! I’m so excited to look through these tonight! I’m anticipating a change in approach for us with colors ending… I know you just changed your technique… I’m having that same thought! Thanks again 🙂


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