On Break to Plan!

We’re here and doing well!  Brian has been in the fields a lot for Spring planting and Kent is enjoyed riding along every chance he gets.  I’ve had more time at home alone than normal.  So, I took a break from Tot School to map out plans for the next several months.  We’ll be kicking off a “Summer of Shapes” on Monday.  I have 13 shapes selected and plan to spend a week on each one.  With a short hiatus for the new baby’s arrival we should wrap up shapes in September.  Then we’ll move on to other exciting things!

I’m almost 33 weeks pregnant.  I feel great.  I’ve still been getting in some runs which is very uplifting.  It’s almost time to get all the baby clothes and things out again.  First, I’ve been finishing a lot of home improvement, organization, and decorating projects.  I should post some pictures, our home is slowly becoming more… homey. 

I distinctly remember the first day after Kent was born that I felt like I had a productive day and accomplished the things I wanted to.  He was 8 months old.  So, I’m trying to be better prepared this time (can anybody say meal plans!?) and also be more realistic about what to expect.  I’m okay with going in to maintenance only mode for awhile and cutting down to the bare minimum. 

I’ll probably get some comments saying I’m crazy but I admit… I am wondering if it won’t actually be a bit easier this time around.  Last time my biggest struggle was going from being independent to having someone rely on me 24/7.  You know, that whole not taking an uninterrupted shower by yourself for 6 months kind of wears on a person.  I was very resentful, and I remember thinking that Kent was never going to bond with anyone else.  Now, I know I should cherish those days because the days of “Dad? Dad?  Dad truck?  DAD!!!!!” will come so fast.  Last time I also quit my job and lost my built in social life a week before baby came.  I had to adjust to not working and try to build new friendships while learning to be a mom.  It just seems like there will be far few changes this time.  We’ll see, maybe I’m totally wrong.

Anyway, all is well, and I should be back to share new things soon! 




One thought on “On Break to Plan!

  1. Mary

    Second baby was way easier for me. With your expectations set, and some organizational help, you should be able to blow that 8mth achievement out of the water. (Not saying you’ll be productive every day or by day #8, but surely before month #8.) Best of luck to you guys!


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