Tot School: December

Kent was 17 months old.

Ha, the only pictures I have from December are these two.  We made cloud dough.  It was fun but I think he tried to dump it out and I lost my cool.  We moved it to the bathtub and then the bathtub was greasy for a long time.


We also did a few activities from The Truth in the Tinsel.  I googled and googled before I bought it trying to figure out if it would be age appropriate for a 17 month old.  The few comments I could find made it sound like the answer was yes.  I think the answer is yes, BUT you’d want to: a) have all your materials prepared ahead of time, and b) tell yourself to relax and let it be what it will be.  Neither describes me in December.  I was trying to pull supplies together with him at my side and he would (understandably) try to grab at them before I was ready, and I would get irritated.  Also, I had a long list of Christmas gifts to finish at the last minute so I was generally struggling in December anyway.  I’m still glad I bought the ebook, it will be perfect for us to use next year (especially since I have the whole year to prepare).

Did you do any fun Christmas activities?  Have you tried Truth in the Tinsel?  If so, what ages were your kids and did they enjoy it?  Anything else I should plan for next Christmas?



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