Casual Saturday: Rambings About Our House, etc.


This has been a good week.  I am finally feeling comfortable with life being full of projects.  I used to want all the “special projects” done as perfectly and quickly as possibly so I could get right back to my normal life and routine.  Now I’m learning to roll with it.  It’s okay that I’ve been canning for months.  It’s okay that three walls in my living room are completely painted… and one is not even started.  Yeah, it’s all good. 

It appears that special projects are the norm when you’re a new little family living on an old, old farm.  I’m starting to redo all the things we did to the house when we moved in.  Can you believe we’ve been here for FIVE years!?  Crazy.  It was five years on Labor Day weekend.  Anyway, when we moved here we did a lot of work but it was mostly all hard labor and low dollar stuff.  My Mom helped a lot.  We stripped the cabinets and tore down wallpaper.  I put up new trim.  Brian rearranged the kitchen cabinets and installed new counter tops.  If you’ve been reading since the beginning you probably remember some of that.  If you weren’t here then you can read about it here.

What we’re doing now is making the house fit the way we live, and making it match our style.  I like simple.  Clean.  Fresh!  Brian likes simple, too, and organized.  Before I was trying to make everything look like I thought a classic farmhouse should look.  Turns out that’s not a good fit for us!  The more I brainstorm ideas the more doable things look.  I used to think our kitchen renovation was going to cost so much money that we wouldn’t be able to do it for another 10 years or so.  Now I think we could do it more gradually and for way less, and therefore much sooner.  We’ll see. 

We might buy a heater for Kent’s room tomorrow.  His room and the living room are really cold and unwelcoming in the winter.  Warming them up will be a big step in a good direction.

In other news, Brian and Kent went out for several hours today and I used that time to can more tomato sauce and plan for Tot School.  The tomatoes are done.  That was the last of them from our garden.  Hallelujah!!!  For Tot School planning I stayed up late last night and made a really nice form to help me.  I want to use it for awhile and see how it works but then I’ll probably share it here.  I haven’t been doing formal, planned activities with him.  Everything we’ve done lately has been random and that just doesn’t work for us.  It’s not enough!  He’s constantly seeking stimulating activities on his own so I need to do a better job of providing fun, challenging things for him to do.  We’re picking up our color themes again this coming week with Orange.

How was your week?  Is your life full of projects, too?  How do you handle them?   



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