My Morning Seven

I am very list-oriented.  I don’t work off of a schedule but rather a routine and a to-do list.  My to-do list has four sections.  The first section is for the “morning”.  I want these things done by about 10 AM for the day to go smoothly.

This is my bare bones must-be-done list.  If I have a special project going (i.e. painting!) or plan to be out of the house for the day I still need to get these things done.  When I was working outside the home I would get up early and try to accomplish these things before going to work.  Your list may look a bit different than mine so I highly recommend you make your own if you are struggling in this area.  It has been a huge help to me.

My 7 steps to start the day right:

1. Bible Study: This is the third or fourth time I’ve participated in a Good Morning Girls Bible Study.  It has changed my life.  I NEED accountability and consistency to stick with it and the format of this study is perfect for that.  You get in your Bible every morning and fill out a small worksheet if you choose.  Then you chime in online to say good morning and let the other ladies know you did your study.  The group I’m in talks via Facebook so if I’m in a hurry I can just hit “like” to check in.

2. Dishes: We don’t have a dishwasher and I try to wash dishes as we use them throughout the day.  As I wash them they do in the dish rack to dry.  Each morning I empty the rack out, wash any dishes I’ve used already that day, and wipe down the sink and surrounding areas.  Once that is done I cross “Dishes” off my list, even though I’ll need to keep up with them throughout the day.

3. Laundry:  I usually make a note of the day’s goal on this line.  Today’s list says, “Laundry – all washed, upstairs away”.  That means wash the remaining two loads and put away everything that belongs on the main level.  I round up all the dirty laundry on Sunday night and hit it with vengeance on Monday morning.  I keep at it until it is all done and then stop and let it collect for the rest of the week.  Right now I am typically done on Wednesdays.

4. Litterbox:  Self-explanatory.  This biggest thing here is just to make sure it gets done every day, otherwise our cat will use other parts of the basement instead.

5. Balance Accounts: The only things we write in our physical checkbooks are checks.  We do not have credit cards but we use debit cards a lot for our personal and business expenses.  I go through our accounts almost every day and reconcile our Quickbooks registers with the online banking.  It only takes a couple minutes if you do it everyday, and I’m usually able to catch problems early.

6. Chores – AM: This means barn chores.  The details vary depending on the time of year and what animals we have.  When we have baby calves on bottles I mix their milk and feed them as soon as Brian leaves for work and before Kent wakes up.  Right now we don’t have any on milk and Brian has been doing some of the bigger jobs at night.  Since there’s no rush I have been waiting for Kent to wake up and going out mid-morning.

7. 2 Rooms from my Cleaning Rotation: Follow that link for more details.  I basically tidy up, dust, and either run Roomba or sweep.

For those most part I do all this in the order listed.  I usually have the first 5 or 6 done (laundry started) when Kent wakes up.  He helps or plays while I do the 2 rooms.

Do you use a to-do list?  What does your morning look like?


One thought on “My Morning Seven

  1. Jessica

    During the week, my morning routine is very, very quick since I’m logged on to work by 8 AM most days. I wake up, catch up on FB and Pinterest (fun time :)), read my Bibles and devotionals, and do morning SwagBucks (poll, NOSO, one search win). This takes me about a half hour. In the second half hour, I get ready for the day (shower, get dressed, brush hair and teeth, etc.).

    It’s fun to see how our routines vary 🙂


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