Canning Madness

Alternate title: Tomatoes, Grapes, and Apples, Oh my!!

Last week.

Cooking down the Pizza Sauce.

1 bushel of grapes…

The results: 26 pints of Pizza Sauce, 6 half pints and 3 pints of grape jelly (from a different batch of grapes), 42 quarts of grape juice, and 8 half gallons of grape juice!!

Today’s project… 3 bushels of apples!

What are you canning?






2 thoughts on “Canning Madness

  1. Carlye rankin

    I recently canned jalapeƱos and banana peppers. I have peaches and strawberry jam in my cupboards from this summer. What do you do with apples?

    1. marriedtothefarm Post author

      Hi Carlye! This year I made all the apples in to applesauce. It is delicious and we are low on fruit for the year so that was the best for us this year. In the past I have also canned apple pie filling.


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