Paint Samples: Definitely Worth It!

Painting is not my favorite thing to do.  Not even close.  So, when I do paint a room I really want it to be done for awhile.

I’ve decided it is finally time to paint over the hideous green color I picked for our kitchen and entryway 5 years ago.  I’ve been putting off because someday we will be renovating the whole kitchen anyway.  Realistically, though, that is probably 10 years away.  I can’t look at that color for 10 more years!!  When I picked it I wanted a nice country green – maybe sage is the word? – like my Mom had in her kitchen.  Instead… it looks like mint ice cream.  Seriously.  Yuck.

This time I’m not taking any chances.  For less than $10 total I picked out three different colors of paint and had little samples mixed.  I bought mine at Menard’s.  The lady at the paint desk assured me it won’t really matter that the sample size paint is a different brand than what I will ultimately go with.  Likewise, I was able to pick from all of the paint chips and not just those available for that brand.

I want gray this time.  Here are my top picks, with a sampling of mint ice cream in the background:

I’ll carry over the same color or a complimentary color in to the living room.  I love it that I get to see what a big swatch looks like with our existing lighting.

For $10 it is well worth it to me to buy samples.  I will never be stuck with a paint color I hate again.  The samples are supposed to cover a 2’x3′ area but I did two stripes about 1’x3′ or larger and I still have at least 2/3rds of each color left.  They will be perfect to have around for touch ups and accent pieces!

Have you ever tried paint samples?  Are you contemplating any room makeovers?


4 thoughts on “Paint Samples: Definitely Worth It!

  1. Laura

    🙂 My bathroom is the color on the left to offset the shockingly powder blue tiles, but I like the middle color best for a kitchen… I love gray. It’s so peaceful and soft!

    1. marriedtothefarm Post author

      Yay! I’m glad you like the middle because that’s what I picked. I’m glad I tried the samples because the far right was my favorite and it is too dark. There are 3 gallons sitting here… right next to the 3 bushels of apples that stand between me and a purty house. 😉

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