Tot School Week #3: Yellow

I love it that my son had a sense of humor. This is how I found the shape sorter.

These “triangles” are actually pentahedrons according to Wiki Answers here. They were a little bit challenging for him to put in but he did get it a few times.

Our yellow basket.

This guitar plays the most annoying music but Kent LOVES it. I was showing him the different colors.

Mud is the best sensory material ever, right!?

Practicing balance on his ATV.

I got this ramp toy at Wal-Mart with a birthday gift card. It was the only thing wooden I could find there. 😦 Luckily, it is really cool and he likes it. Sometimes he puts the car on sideways and it won’t go but the rest of the time it is very entertaining.

What are you doing in your house to learn about colors?  Or do you have suggestions for fun activities we should try?


4 thoughts on “Tot School Week #3: Yellow

  1. Julie

    He’s so cute! I loved all the little activities! I’ve been doing colors with Colton too. We got a pie fruit sorting game and we’ve been talking about colors. (I posted pictures on my blog yesterday)


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