Menu Plan / Baking Day

M: Ham & Cheese Macaroni Bake

T: Homemade Chicken Patty Sandwiches + Ranch rice

W: Beef Tacos

R: Pork Loin Cutlets + Roasted Potato Wedges

F: Pizza + breadsticks

S: Leftover Buffet

S: Potluck – take dish!

All meals include salad for me, a veggie or two for Kent, and usually a little fruit or yogurt at the end for him.

Every Monday is baking day for me.  Today I pulled a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread out of the freezer and made frosting to top it with.  I dished out 8 parfaits for snacking on and I made a double batch of Avocado Chocolate Pudding.  It sounds gross but that stuff is SO good and a little better for you than the regular kind.

What are you cooking and baking this week?



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