A Peaceful Feeling

Found this is my drafts from 10/11/2009.  Funny that I could have written it today, except that part about having kids someday!

Forgive me but I might get a little sentimental here for a minute…

I’ve spent the weekend canning, again. I’ve stayed up late peeling and dicing and waiting for water to boil, again. I’ve wiped lids, washed jars, and waited for the satisfying pop, pop, pop, of the jars, again. I feel so good about it.

When I had seedlings growing under the light in our closet Brian used to tease me that I must talk to them. I could spend several minutes crouched down staring at them, just taking in the fact that they were growing. It was so fun to see them changing as they got taller and stronger. Heaven help me if I ever have children – if I’m so in awe of plants growing how will I ever get anything done with little ones around!? I have the same feeling today about my freshly canned chicken soup that I had about those seedlings. I’m happy to lean on the counter and watch the soup bubble as it cools. Happy to stir the applesauce and taste test it. Really, I couldn’t imagine a better place to be today than in my kitchen.

Between batches of soup and sauce I cleaned out the freezer. I made a list of the contents of each one so that I can incorporate those things in to my menu planning. This year we have added corn, meat sauce, soups and stews, homegrown chicken, and much more to the local sourced portion of our diet. I think the scales have tipped and now the majority of our food comes from us and our efforts. I’m experimenting with the local milk and can now make some of our own dairy products although we’ll still have to my most of them at the store. I’d like to try ice cream today. Oh, and I’ll be making homemade noodles for that soup I canned.

The way I feel right now is what makes all this work worth it.  What brings you satisfaction?  Are you striving to eat local?



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