Menu Plan Monday: Week of 1/9/12

M: Spaghetti + semi-homemade garlic bread

T: Homegrown chicken in crockpot + homegrown over fried redskin potatoes

W: Freezer burritos

R: Local pork chops + leftover potatoes

F: Homemade pizza + breadsticks

S: Leftovers

S: Soup in crockpot – recipe TBD

Feeding Kent what we eat is making me take a serious look at our diet.  Time to take a hint from Farmer’s Daughter and get back to real food!


2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday: Week of 1/9/12

  1. Dea-chan

    Ooh good luck with your food! I always have such problems keeping to food planning.

    That’s one of my favorite winter soup recipes as it uses stuff that I usually have on hand. Beans, stock, cheese and cabbage. So good! I also recommend her site (Heidi Swanson) in general as she cooks vegetarian, healthy and seasonally. Minimal processing, minimal sugars, etc. I’ve loved everything I’ve ever cooked from her site.

  2. Farmer's Daughter

    Jena I totally agree that feeding Joshua what we eat has made us completely reevaluate our eating habits. If I would have to sneak it becuase I don’t want him to eat it, then I shouldn’t eat it either! (Though I did sneak some ice cream tonight after he fell asleep!)


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