Baby’s Place on the Farm

I’m guest posting today over at my friend Abbie’s blog, Farmer’s Daughter.

I am a farmer’s wife.  That means I have to do the things a farmer’s wife does: Feed cows.  Herd sheep.  Collect eggs.  Garden and can.  Drive tractors and bale hay.  Run dear farmer husband to and fro.  Pick up feed.

This year I became a farm mama.  Back when we were planning to start a family we did the math and decided I would stay home.  That’s where I wanted to be anyway, and it just wouldn’t pay for me to work and have our child in daycare.  People told me I would be “bored” as a stay at home mom, I would be “desperate for adult conversation”, etc.  Boy, they really don’t know my life!  I don’t just get to keep house – I am busy around here!!  😀

Anyway, just because baby came along doesn’t mean I get to shirk my farm duties.  I have more to do than ever as we’re constantly trying to expand and operate more efficiently.  Where does baby fit in to this lifestyle?  How do I get these things done?  Here are a few things I’ve figured out that make having a new baby on the farm totally doable…

Finish reading this post here.


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