Bedside Nursing Spot

When I was pregnant I saw mention here and there of setting up a little nursing station with snacks and magazines.  I never came across a comprehensive list to help me set one up.  I thought it might be nice to have a list here for my own reference and for all my pregnant friends.  Nursing is such a big part of my life right now and nothing is more frustrating than getting all settled in and realizing I forgot something.

I thought I might use the rocking chair a lot for nursing but I don’t.  I’ve actually avoided rocking Kent for the most part so he doesn’t rely on it to fall asleep.  I only nurse in the living room occasionally.  When we’re home our bedroom is my go-to nursing spot.  It makes the most sense right now since all my stuff is already in there for nighttime feedings.  Our bedroom is conveniently located near the main part of our house.  I suppose I’d have to set up two different spots if our bedroom was on a different floor or something.

Here’s a close up of my setup.  Excuse the blur: I was trying to balance on my tip toes on the bed to fit it all in!

And here’s my list…

In my organizer:

  • reading material: I generally have a non-fiction book, fiction book, and a magazine or two
  • baby storybook: it’s never too early!
  • bookmarks
  • book light and/or nightlight: I use this for checking the baby and reading as he falls asleep
  • notebook and pen: for random thoughts, to-dos, and jotting notes if someone calls
  • half dozen burp cloths: a must have if you have a fast letdown or need to express some milk to help baby nurse
  • nursing pads: in the beginning I had a whole little box of disposables at the ready, now I have a few reusable ones
  • nipple ointment
  • lip balm
  • breath mints
  • snacks
  • candy


Within reach:

  • drink coaster
  • TV remote
  • phone & charger
  • laptop & charger
  • facial tissues
  • fly swatter:  Brian bought me this after Kent was born.  I never thought I’d be so happy about a fly swatter but flies are an inevitable part of living on a farm and when you’re sleep deprived one little fly can make you CRAZY!!!  :O
  • breastfeeding pillow
  • baby nail trimmers & toothpicks:  I keep these in the pocket of my nursing pillow for cleaning his nails when he falls asleep nursing.
  • extra pillows:  we have at least one extra pillow tucked next to each side of the bed now for propping up my feet, the laptop, or the baby.


Baby’s stuff:

  • we have a Moses’ basket that Kent sleeps in at night.  Everyone has their own thoughts on where baby should sleep but for us this works out really well. (hint hint I don’t need your opinion on this 😉 )
  • toy: something I can dangle over him during wakeful periods now that he’s old enough to enjoy that.
  • nasal aspirator: don’t need it often but it is always in the same spot in case he chokes.  Comes in handy if he has milk coming out his nose during nursing, too.
  • hat
  • pacifier
  • diapers & supplies:  I always go to the changing table for this because it helps me wake up enough to feed him but some people may want this within reach.

I hope this helps if you needed ideas.  If you have any questions let me know.  If you have any other suggestions feel free to add them in the comments!  🙂



7 thoughts on “Bedside Nursing Spot

  1. Julie

    i should have had you come set me up when I had Colton! maybe it wouldn’t have been such a nightmare!!! 😛 That said, I’m glad we stuck it out. He’s almost 18 months and still nursing. 🙂

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