Foto Friday Challenge: Silhouette

I’ve always wanted to participate in Foto Fridays over at Renaissance but it hasn’t ever worked out until now.  I saw this last night and just had to catch it so I could share.

Our friend came and held the baby so I started weeding the potatoes while we visited.  Brian joined in and with the two of us working at we got almost through the patch.  The potatoes are a whole story on their own.  The short version is that we fought the Colorado potato beetle and the beetle won, and then the weeds came on fast when I was busy learning to be a Mom.  The plants are pretty much annihilated but luckily they didn’t succumb until most of the growing was done so there are still some potatoes to be dug.  We pulled up some potatoes with the weeds and set the potatoes on the clothesline – out of reach of the dogs.  Eventually the clothesline was full plus some.

Here with a little cropping, just for fun.

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4 thoughts on “Foto Friday Challenge: Silhouette

  1. Julie

    I liked the story too. my garden was a disaster this year. I got some lettuce…that’s about it. Thanks again for the email the other day. You’re so sweet. 🙂

  2. Rebecca

    Well Hello! So glad you were able to participate. I do hope to see you again!

    (and I am jealous of your potatoes. Didn’t plant any this year. Ran plumb out of room. BUT. That and onions are going to be my main focus next year. And garlic. One can never have too much garlic! 🙂


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