Here’s Your Nudge…

If you’re like me, you intend to get in the Bible more regularly.  It sounds so nice in theory:  sipping on your morning coffee tea while reading a passage and mulling it over.  Quiet words with God.  Starting your day with a fresh perspective and the reassurance that comes with knowing He is there at your side.  It sounds good but who has time!?

Quit putting it off.

Stop waiting for tomorrow.

Let’s carve out a little bit of time NOW.  Not next year, or the one after.  This year.

I probably know less of the Bible than most anyone reading this.  I didn’t become a Christian until I was 17, but that’s a story for another day.  I only mention it now because I don’t want you to feel intimidated about reading the Bible or joining a Bible Study.  You may be surprised to find a lot of other women don’t know or understand much of it either.  All the more reason to spend time with the women who know more and can teach us.

Any time reading and studying will benefit you.  The problem I’ve had in the past is falling off the wagon a few days or weeks in.  If you need someone to hold you accountable I have two options for you.  I’ll be participating in both of these and I am so excited about them:

  • Online Only:  consider joining up with the Good Morning Girls group.  It is a “tech accountability group”.  Basically, you do your studying on your own and then log on and let someone in your small group know that you’re sticking with it.  You can share and discuss more as you’d like.  The whole thing only takes a few minutes.  You could even do most of it while you’re nursing (ask me how I know!) or eating breakfast.  The Fall session runs September 15th – December 15th and the study is of 1 John.  There is no cost associated with joining and they do provide a reading plan, blog posts, and videos to further the study and encourage discussion.  All they ask is that you try to commit to the whole study.  There are several groups there that you can join.  If anyone is interested in starting a small group with me let me know, I would love to work together!
  • Local folks: If you’re local to me you may be interested in an on-site study.  The Fairgrove and Watrousville United Methodist churches are hosting a study of the book Twelve Extraordinary Women by John MacArthur.  I am very, very excited about this one.  Like I said, I don’t know much of the Bible and this is a great way to learn about the women who have the most to teach us.  The study starts September 19th and runs until we’re through the book.  The group meets twice each month for one hour each time.  They are very good about sticking to the hour so we can all get home.  The cost of the book is $15 and they need to have orders in my the end of August.  If you’d like more information about this one call or message me.  We can even carpool is you live near me!

So there you go.  Is it time?

If you’ve already made time for this I’d love to hear what you’re doing!


3 thoughts on “Here’s Your Nudge…

  1. Dea-chan

    Good luck! As a non-Christian, I won’t be joining you, but I hope that your readings give you the comfort and “mental home base” that you need. And, if it would help you (to use as reference), you could always do a mini-post or a weekly wrap-up of what you’ve read and how you want to implement it in your life. I wouldn’t worry about thinking you’re pushing your ideas onto someone, or anything like that. A little spirituality never hurt anyone. 😛

  2. Jess

    Hi Jena – thanks for re-posting this on Facebook. I read about 14 chapters of the Bible weekly along with a devotional each day, but I don’t necessarily read the Bible every day. I’m going to join the online group because even as I read the Bible, I don’t always understand what I’m reading!!!!

    1. marriedtothefarm Post author

      You’re a Bible reading superstar compared to me! Way to go. I’m really excited to dig in to it and starting learning more. I thought I might post on the message board to get a small group together so you’re welcome to join me if you don’t see another group that jumps out at you.


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