Baking Day 8/1/11

In keeping with my newly expanded routine I spent a lot of yesterday in the kitchen.

What I did:

The puddings are both absolutely delicious.  I dish them up in little single serving containers so they’re ready for me to grab when I’m famished. Brian likes the chocolate for his lunch, too.  They are both easy peasy.  If you make the vanilla you really need to try it with some farm fresh eggs – the rich golden yellow color is amazing!!  If you live around here I might even know where you can get some eggs like that. 😉

I’m not sharing the mac & cheese recipe yet, it needs some tweaking before it’s worthy.  I did make a quadruple batch though which means we had some for dinner last night, leftovers for my lunches this week, and 3 more meals of it to go in the freezer.

I had intended to try a new dinner roll recipe but our food club called and reminded me that my order was in so I had to run up town in the middle of the day and that didn’t leave enough time for bread making.  Ah well, we’ll get there.

Ideas for next week:  Pork Sausage, more muffins, maybe some cinnamon rolls.

What are you doing in your kitchen this week?


One thought on “Baking Day 8/1/11

  1. lindsay414

    Looked up the Silky chocolate pudding one and I am SO making that today! 🙂 I’m very interested in the freezer mac and cheese recipe! How does it not dry out? Great post! 🙂 xo


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