Oh Yeah, We Had A Baby

Hehe, forgot to mention that here!  If you’re not on Facebook you may be out of the loop.


Kent Keith Becker

Born 7/7/11 @ 9:58AM

6# 3 oz. – 19 inches long

In answer to all the popular questions:

How was the labor?  Speedy, very intense, but the best I could have asked for really.  We left for the hospital at 6:30 AM still not convinced it was real labor, my water broke on the way there, and he was born at 10.

How do I feel?  Great!  I kept myself pretty quiet for the first couple weeks and just lately have started to venture down the stairs, lift laundry baskets, etc.  I was never very sore or anything like I expected.

How is the baby doing?  He’s wonderful.  We could not ask for a better baby.  We had one rough night and part of a bad day while we figured some things out and since then it has been pretty smooth sailing.

Is he sleeping through the night?  This one is sort of silly.  He’s a baby, he’s supposed to eat every few hours.  However, he has already established a routine and goes to bed between 11-12 each night and sleeps until 4:15-5:15 in the morning.  So yeah, he’s sleeping as much as we’d like and goes the longest stretch at night which is the most important part.  For me.  🙂

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…


7 thoughts on “Oh Yeah, We Had A Baby

  1. churrogirl07

    I had a baby girl 27 yrs. ago that weighed #6 6oz and was 19-inches long. Very similar in weight. Enjoy every minute w/that lil’ guy cuz before you know it…………they’re 27 yrs. old. Nothing beats motherhood. Keep a journal, as he grows up he’ll have a lot to tell you, things to ponder, phrases and sayings you won’t remember if you don’t. He’s beautiful, job well done!

  2. Dea-chan

    Congratulations! (That’s my grandma’s birthday! It was her 80th this year, so it’s clearly a lucky day!) I know you’ll be busy now, but make sure to always take a moment for yourself, even if only to breathe.

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