Pictures (Basement, Garden, etc.)

That shelf I was talking about, the one I built on Tuesday. Just needs some OSB or plywood across the middle supports.

I cleared off the junk that was piled on these shelves and got all the storage totes organized. Along the back you can see my grow lights set up. Those flats all have tomato seeds in them.

The entire original garden. It doesn't look like much yet but it will in a few months!

My two little surviving herbs, given to me by our neighbor last year. 🙂

Rhubarb in the foreground, asparagus just starting to pop up behind it. Freshly weeded and mulched!

I tipped over the compost bin and spread out the compost with the skid steer. The chickens were more than happy to spread it out a little more!

10# of Red Pontiac potatoes all cut up and setting out, ready to plant soon!

It was pretty productive day.  I can only do about half of what I normally do and I’m twice as sore.  I guess the baby isn’t much for weeding! Guess I better do an extra good job with my mulching this year.  😉


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