Part-time Day 1

Well, this is my first week dropping back to part-time at work.  That means today was my first Tuesday at home!  I made myself quite a to-do list to help me stay on task and not kill too many brain cells on the computer all day.  I actually crossed off every single thing on my list!!

Jobs worth mentioning… I got all of my tomato seeds planted.  I had worked on some on Sunday & Monday but finished up today.  Roma, Big Month, Amish Paste, and Rutgers.  All together there are over 250 of them if I’m counting right.  I’m starting them almost a month late but considering the weather I’m not too concerned!

I slowly started to work on organizing the basement too.  My two goals for that today were 1) get all the storage containers put up on the shelves I built last year and 2)build a shelf for the extra sink and countertop to set on.  We’ve had this sink top leaning against the wall down there for years.  Eventually we’ll have a canning kitchen down there so we’ve been holding on to it.  I built a shelf to hold the top that will also hold 4 storage totes.  It has room for a bucket under the drain too.  Someday we’ll hook up the water supply but it would be expensive to drain it so a 5 gallon bucket will suffice.  I took pics of the finished shelf so I can add those later.

For boring jobs I got ALL the laundry done.  I had to use the dryer all day which I hated to do.  It is so damp in the basement nothing hanging up will dry and it was raining off and on all day.  I cranked up the dehumidifier down there and that helped some.  It is so nice to be caught up on the laundry!  I just won’t think about the electric bill! 😉

Anyway, it was a successful day.  I’m beat!


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