2011 Garden: Seed Stash

I skipping the fluff and going for the basics that will save the most $$$ on groceries.  This means tomatoes, potatoes, corn, cucumbers, carrots, and onions.  I’m also planning to do some peas and beans.  Even though they’re cheap to buy they’re easy to grow and I enjoy fresh peas in the pod.  If we have enough room I’m throwing some pumpkins in too, just for fun.

Seeds from my stash:

  • Black Diamond cucumbers
  • Boston Pickling cucumbers
  • Danvers 126 carrots
  • Tall Telephone peas
  • Kentucky Wonder pole beans
  • Black Aztec corn
  • Rouge Vif D’Etampes pumpkins
  • Connecticut Field pumpkins
  • Dill
  • Short Stuff sunflowers
  • Arikara sunflowers

So I need to order tomato seed and snap peas, and maybe another variety of corn.  I’ll get potatoes and onions at our local Big Acre store.

Just getting organized folks!  How are your garden plans coming along?


3 thoughts on “2011 Garden: Seed Stash

  1. Judy

    I’ve got my summer seeds started and the tomatoes are starting to come up. I’ve got tons of tomato seeds that I saved two years ago and they’re coming up well.
    Have fun planning.


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