20 week appointment

I really don’t mean for this to turn in to a pregnancy journal.  It just seems like this is the stuff that is so important to remember that I can’t skip it.  It has turned in to a great way to keep my family and friends up to date on baby stuff.  If you’re one of my normal readers looking for other content bear with me for awhile, check back, someday it’ll be here again.

Our 20 week appointment was on Feb. 23rd.  It was  a “hangnail appointment” as Brian calls its: basically an in-and-out waste of a drive but still exciting to get good news.  I have gained 5 pounds since becoming pregnant.  They would have preferred me to gain twice that by now but since baby is measuring well they aren’t concerned at all.  The nurse practitioner said my metabolism must just be running extra fast.  She gave me permission to eat whenever I’m hungry which I already do (and more!).  They measured my belly (fundal height) and it is spot on for 20 weeks.  The heartbeat was nice and strong and in the 150s.

Looking good – halfway there!!


2 thoughts on “20 week appointment

  1. Julie

    I’m glad to hear you are doing well! Most of my appointments were disappointing. I wondered why they even had me bother going so often! 🙂


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