Laundry Area Makeover Pt. 4: Specifics

This was saved in my drafts so I’m posting it to get it out of there.

Here’s a bit more information to help you if you’re contemplating a similar project:

  • The floor tiles are reversible foam tiles like these ones.  I think they are the same brand.  I got mine at Menard’s.  They are supposedly made of recycled materials.  The reverse side is primary colors.  They are comfortable to walk on and scrub and sweep clean easily.  I cut them with a utility knife.  Pay attention to how many come in a package so you aren’t surprised later (like me).  I needed more than I thought.  Luckily they were on sale when we decided to buy more.  I don’t remember what I paid total but I think it was around $100 with some on sale and some not.
  • I used a roller for extra rough surfaces to paint the block.  It covered fairly well.  I trimmed out and touched up with a 4″ synthetic bristle brush.  I used the same bristle brush to do the ceiling.  It wasn’t worth it to me to even try to roll some of the ceiling with all the corners and whatnot.
  • I did a layer of primer under the turquoise paint and on the ceiling.  It was the kind that says 1-2-3 on the label and is similar to Kilz.  I did two coats on the ceiling and did not paint over it.
  • The closet rods are metal pipes and dowels.  I rigged them up with baling twine.  Hey, it’s readily available and durable.  A fancier more skilled person could have drilled in to the block columns and used special hardware to hang the poles.  Those cement blocks in the middle of the clothes were piled there to set the poles on but they were too wobbly and took up valuable space.  They’re going back outside as soon as someone volunteers to carry them. 😉
  • A layer of cement blocks/pavers under the underclothes bins is perfect to elevate the bins and keep dirt and dampness out.
  • The laundry tubs will be plumbed in later.  We have a shower stall to go down there too so we’ll hook it up all at once.
  • We do need to have a few more outlets installed for the iron and the radio.  Keep this in mind when you’re picking a spot for those things.  Same with lighting, I kind of wish the lights over this area were on a different switch and we may do that eventually.

A final word of advice on creating a family laundry area…approve it with your family first.  In my defense, I did explain the idea to Brian well in advance.  Unfortunately he did the “nod and smile” but later admitted he didn’t think I would every get around to actually doing it.  He was a little put off when I emptied out his bedroom closet. 🙂


Dea-chan asked (I think it was you!) about how functional the room actually is now that I’ve been using it for awhile.  Answer: it’s great!  There are a couple little things that still need attention such as I need a trash can and I still need post it notes and safety pins to keep track of what needs mending on certain pieces of clothing.  One unexpected but very convenient perk is that there is lots of room to hang clothes to dry.  I have clothes lines on each side of the basement but I can usually fit two loads worth right in the laundry area.  There is that old curtain rod, the laundry tub, the ironing boarding, and various nails in the ceiling that all work wonderfully for this.  It is SO convenient!  I love it!


If you have any other specific questions let me know!



2 thoughts on “Laundry Area Makeover Pt. 4: Specifics

  1. Dea-chan

    Oh I am so jealous of all of the clothes hanging room! My current apartment is so damn small… 😛

    That’s funny about how Brian never thought it would happen — have there been projects in the past that petered out? Or did he just assume that it WOULD be one of them? Or just not notice the problem that existed! (My guy would go under all of those categories usually…)

    I forget — do you get dressed down there as well? Does it get cold?

  2. marriedtothefarm Post author

    Haha, I think he stuck in the category of things like “I want to make that far corner of the basement in to a root cellar” and “Someday I AM getting a milk cow”. Poor guy, he doesn’t realize I’m serious about both of those too! ;D

    The “plan” was/is to bring up our clothes for each week on Sunday night. I do that sometimes but if not I grab my clothes and bring them up since I’m down there doing laundry anyway. Brian still has a dresser upstairs so he keeps a fair bit of clothing upstairs – he picks what he wants and brings it up on his own.

    The basement is actually the warmest part of the house because the corn stove is down there. Thus it being a dream place to dry clothing all winter long.


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