What a woman can do with a sledgehammer…

First, don safety glasses:

Aren’t these stylish?  They’re even Harley Davidson although you can’t tell from the front.

Next, choose your target.  Your aim doesn’t have to be exact, just general.  Here’s mine:

Smash it to bits!  Salvage anything useful and haul the rest away.  Then, break for dinner and visiting with friends.

The next morning, before church,  hurry and finish up.  Vacuum up too.  Try out your paint color of choice.

Ahh, much better!!! I got a good workout and this space is on it’s way to being much more useful.  Have you ever demolished anything?


4 thoughts on “What a woman can do with a sledgehammer…

  1. Dea-chan

    I personally haven’t, but I have watched my grandfather beat the snot out of an old couch — in the living room. The fact that it was apparently full of mouse droppings and sent out an AMAZING (*cough cough hack die) aroma was an added bonus. As soon as he started hauling pieces out back, I pulled out the vacuum and a face mask and got rid of that!

  2. Angie

    Hi Jena,

    Oh yea! Bill recently bought me my own set of demolition tools. I’m good at taking stuff apart! Gets the frustration out, doesn’t it? 🙂


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