While I haven’t been putting up many actual posts lately I wanted to let you all know that I have been updating the “gardening” and “tour my pantry” pages. I’ve weighed in over 100# of tomatoes already this year!! That is pretty fabulous for me considering I started every single one of my plants from seed and never got around to staking a single one. The weather has been just dry enough to keep them from rotting as they lay on the ground. I haven’t used any supplemental fertilizers or chemicals – just homegrown compost. I mulched with straw once when the plants were still small. I haven’t looked around to see what good yields are per plant. I planted 66 plants so I don’t think my yields are very good when you look at it that way. However, I planted at different times and I don’t think the later plants got the chance to grow as well as the earlier ones. Next year if I time the planting better and stake them I should be able to improve the yields.

I hate mentioning upcoming posts because that seems to mean I never get around to writing them BUT… I’m hoping I find time to write a “Thoughts on Marriage After 2 Years” post. Plus, I treated myself to a new canning gadget this year and I want to share my results. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about my “Housekeeping Trouble Spots” either. In fact, I’ve been working on one of those spots today so expect to hear more about that soon too. I’m not promising anything else! 🙂

What’s taking up your time lately? How’s your garden and/or canning going this year?


One thought on “FYI

  1. Dea-chan

    Thus far, as I’ve only been scavenging for stuff to can (my mother’s garden mostly :-P), I haven’t done much. BUT I do have 11 quarts of pickles! Not bad for a first time canner if I say so myself!

    Also, checked out your “my pantry” section. Looking tasty!


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