How I Clean My Couch in 60 Seconds

This is part of Works for Me Wednesday.

I picked up this handy “dog hair remover brush” at Walmart (eww) probably over a year ago.  With 4 dogs and a cat in the house I am always looking for alternatives to those disposable sticky rollers.  I really hit the jackpot with this one.  The label claims that the brush consists only of natural rubber.  The bristles are very flexible and their is a little shield on the underside.

I use it our couches, both of which are suede.  I use sweep it over the couch in short, quick strokes.  I start on the top and then do the back, arms, and finally the cushions and the front.  The hair flies right off.  It also gets rid of any wood shavings from the rabbit cage and any bits of dirt that were carried up by our socks.  I brush the couches once or twice a week before I vacuum.  It also works great on the pillows.

I have used it a little on clothes.  How well it works depends on the fabric.  Things with a longer nap like corduroy work best.  It does not work as well for regular flat fabric but will take off some of the hair.

I just got it out today and realized how much I rely on it in the living room.  The only one I can find online is listed as the PETCO Dog Hair Remover Brush.  Mine wasn’t the PETCO brand but it looks like exactly the same product.  Plus, it’s on sale!


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