Fried Eggs

Had a nice time outside tonight… fed the horses, weeded in the garden for awhile, went out and did chores.  I gathered the eggs and put them in the front pockets of my scrub top.  I was just finishing up and grabbed for the chain to close the gate.  Little did I realize that when I had unhooked the chain I carelessly let it flop over the electric fence wire…so when I grabbed it I got a big jolt.  The funny part was that one of the dogs, forever at my heels, was sniffing my leg and got the shock too.  So I yell and jump back and the dog yelps and runs off.

Can’t wait to tell Brian the fence sure does work good now!  We were having some trouble with it so I weed whacked all around it last week.  Too bad I didn’t touch the fence before the weeds were gone.  So what do you think, do those eggs in my pockets qualify as fried now!?  ;D


5 thoughts on “Fried Eggs

  1. Angie

    Hi Jena,

    Nice to see you are back.

    Thanks for the tip on maple syrup + sugar instead of brown sugar. I’ve also heard you can use molasses. I’m going to try it and your recipe.


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