Room by Room Cleaning Schedule

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As a part of my cleaning routine I like to tackle two rooms each morning.  Doing two rooms each day six days a week means no room has to go for more than a few days without a thorough cleaning.  Here’s the rotation that works for our house:

  • Monday – Bedroom and Bathroom
  • Tuesday – Kitchen and Entryway
  • Wednesday – Living Room and Office
  • Thursday – Bedroom and Bathroom
  • Friday – Kitchen and Entryway
  • Saturday – Living Room and Office (or switch Office for Spare Bedroom)
  • Sunday – Day of rest!

With this rotation the main living areas are tidied for the weekend when we are most likely to get visitors.  My only downfall is that Wednesday is my early day at work and I never seem to build up the gusto after work to clean like I would in the morning.  This is bad because Wednesday is the day I tackle the kitchen which is by far the toughest to maintain.  It still works out pretty well though.

I love having a schedule like this.  It keeps me focused and helps me to avoid the feeling of running in many directions at once.  Plus, when I get my two rooms done I let myself relax – even if the rest of the house is looking beautiful.

Is there a certain rotation that you use it your house?


6 thoughts on “Room by Room Cleaning Schedule

  1. Andrea O.

    I like to do a power clean! 15 minutes in each of the bathrooms and all 3 bedrooms! Then if need be, I will spend longer on the kids play room, kitchen and living rooms…where all the toddlers LOVE to congregate! That way I have vaccumed and cleaned just about every day…I HAVE TO WITH 5 kiddos running through my house! Not much time for relaxing around here but we try very hard to on Sunday’s!

  2. Farmer's Daughter

    Want to come clean my house? I have found that planning to clean by noon helps to keep me on track, plus it lets me relax by the end of the day. My standards for cleaning have gone way down since having Joshua… and they weren’t that high to start!

  3. Julie

    I don’t really have a system…but I’m trying to be motivated and clean what needs cleaning on any given day. Maybe it would be better if I did a room a day?! I don’t know. I haven’t found a system I’ve stuck to yet.

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