The dog beds are all in the laundry….

… so the dog is in the laundry too!  This is what I found when I woke up.

And this, from the other day… I was putting away laundry and the cat thought he would climb in the drawer, to help, I’m sure…

How have your pets been amusing you lately?


3 thoughts on “Funny

  1. Julie

    haha! I loved the dog in the basket. Dixie isn’t very amusing lately, but she’s better than she was. She didn’t like having our lives turned upside down with a new baby…..

  2. Jenilee

    well, the gerbil takes this rope stuff that we bought and tears it to shreds and uses the long stringy shreds of rope to make a big nest in her cage. i always feel bad cleaning out her cage and throwing away her “nest” but its fun to give her that new piece of rope and watch her create something with it! 🙂


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