Pretty generic title, I know.  Not feeling creative I guess! 🙂  Just figured I should post something until I get around to putting up something better.  Here’s a few of the latest:

  • Our Buckeye rooster died, and no we didn’t do it on purpose.  He lost his voice which was sadly quite amusing until it progressed to a respiratory problem that took him pretty fast.  Luckily, we had him separated with our 2 Buckeye hens and had been saving their eggs for a couple weeks.  The eggs started hatching yesterday.  So far we have 9 chicks with at least one more trying to hatch.  I did put a few Buff Chanteclers in there too but not that many.  Hopefully we’ll get at least one Buckeye Roo.  The one that passed was so mean to the hens that we were planning to butcher him anyway.  I’ve seen some really nice ones so hopefully that was a fluke.
  • Look for a garden update in one of my next posts.  On one hand I’m being a slacker because I still haven’t planted any corn, beans, or carrots.  If I don’t do it soon it will be too late for corn.  On the other hand I’m keeping up with what I do have pretty well.  I have two kinds of peas in and onions.  The potato buckets are flourishing.  I just counted the tomatoes again tonight and after losing a few of the smaller ones I still have 66 plants out there – all that I started myself.  That is exciting!!  What else… oh some herbs, raspberries, and rhubarb went in.  More about that later.
  • We’ve had graduation parties every weekend this month.  I’ve really loved getting to see my family so much and socializing.  I do hope things calm down for July though!
  • There are a lot of things going on at church that I’m a part of.  It is a little hectic now but I’m really enjoying myself.  I can definitely see the church becoming a bigger part of our lives, gradually.
  • I’ve been sleeping much, much better.  I’ve only had nightmares twice lately that I can remember.  I still take a book with me to bed but never take the computer in there.  I still feel really tired a lot of the time but I think that probably got something to do with not eating as healthy as I should.  Brian’s been farming so much that I haven’t done a menu plan lately and that means I eat stuff I shouldn’t. 😛

What have you been up to?


3 thoughts on “Update

  1. Julie

    I enjoy your updates! I’m still busy trying to settle in with this baby. =) It’s taking longer than I thought it would. We’re all doing well, though. The weeds are doing great in my garden as well! lol! I’ve gotten a good amount of strawberries, though, so that was a nice surprise since I didn’t do anything to those plants since last year. Do you know of a good way to get rid of slugs? I saw a bunch of them on the plants. Should I just pick them off and throw them away or is there a better way??

  2. Angie

    Hi Jena,

    Nice to see you are back!

    My two gardens are doing.. eh, OK. I get very discouraged because in Chgo I am fighting a huge encroaching maple tree of my neighbors’ that year by year shades more and more of my yard. And in Wisc – well, when you only are able to weed once every 3 weeks.. the weeds win. I lost all of my onions. The tomatoes are looking pretty good though.

    Sorry about the roo, but if he was mean, maybe not. How do you like the Buckeye? That is a breed that is on my short list for possible chickens.


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