Freezer Cooking: Precooked Chicken

It never hurts to have some chicken precooked and waiting in the freezer.


  • Chicken breasts (I prep them to stretch them farther)
  • Oil or butter

You can cook the chicken a few different ways.  If it’s nice out you may want to grill it.  Or, this would be a perfect use for a George Foreman style grill.  I made mine in a large frypan with a stick of butter swiped on it.  I flipped them a couple times until they were cooked through.

When they are done cooking, put them on a plAdd New Post ‹ Married To The Farm — WordPressate and cute them in to bite size pieces.  Spread on a cookie sheet and freeze.  When they are frozen solid transfer them to a bag or freezer container.  That way they won’t stick together and you can pour out what you need.

I use these for a lot of recipes.  Two common ones are chicken tacos (just warm them in a pan with taco seasoning) and chicken alfredo (warm and serve over pasta).  Meals like that are great for stretching the meat since it’s usually the most expensive.

This wraps up my chicken breast freezer cooking series.  I’ve shared with you some of my favorite recipes that work well for us.  If you’re looking for more great ideas here’s a link to a search for OAMC (once a month cooking) chicken recipes, sorted by rating. If you have a recipe to share please share it or a link to it in the comments.  Now go settle in with a good book because a good share of your cooking is done. 🙂


One thought on “Freezer Cooking: Precooked Chicken

  1. Julie

    I need to do this. Steve is constantly wanting chicken quesadillas. It would be great to have it all cooked and ready to go! One these days I’ll be able to get a little ahead!


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