Freezer Cooking: Prepping Chicken Breasts

Chicken breasts were on sale last week at 3 of our local chain stores.  I stocked up with 4 family packs.  Hopefully after this we can transition to eating only our own homegrown chicken.  BTW, I still have some chickens available for the early June batch so get your orders in soon!

When chicken breasts go on sale like this I like to make up a bunch of freezer meals.  I’ll share some great recipes in the next couple days but the first step is getting the chicken ready.

What you’ll need:

  • One or two thin, sharp knives
  • A cutting board (one you use for meat or that can be thoroughly cleaned)
  • A bowl large enough to hold all the chicken
  • A discard bowl or plate
  • Something to cover the bowl with (I used plastic wrap)

Gather all your supplies and the packages of chicken.  Clean your work surface and scrub your hands really well.  Try to minimize interruptions if possible – you don’t want to be touching anything with slimy chicken hands.

I am very picky about tendons and fat and things in my food.  If you aren’t so picky you may need to do only minimal trimming.  I open each breast out and trim off anything that’s not pure chicken.  I cut off any bits of skin and fat.  I usually cut out a little triangular piece at the wider end where some of the vessels come together.  I set my scraps aside on a plate and discard them.  If you’re braver than me you could cook them and feed them to your pets: I’d rather not have mine getting any extra fat.

Once the breasts are trimmed to your liking press each one flat on the cutting board.  Hold the knife parallel to the board in one hand and continue pressing down with the other hand.  That way you can slowly draw the knife through the breast and make two thin pieces from the thick breast.  I always do this.  It doubles the quantity and makes for much faster cooking times.   You can always serve two pieces instead of one, etc., but I think we eat less this way.  Plus, sometimes 3 pieces is just right instead of stuffing yourself to eat 2 full breasts.

I did my trimming while dinner was in the oven one night.  Then I put all the chicken in a covered bowl and put it back in the fridge for the night.  I made up my recipes the next night.  Try to pick out the chicken with the best dates so you don’t have to run home and do everything the same day you buy it.

Recipes coming soon…


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