Playin’ in the Dirt

First, thanks for sticking with me through my venting the other day.  A girl can only take so much and I just couldn’t muster up a real post right then.  Right now we’re no closer to a diagnosis.  I’m going to take some samples and send them to MSU this week so I’ll keep you posted.  Basically, CL is a disease that causes random abscesses externally or internally.  A few of our ewes have developed abscesses in the same location for no apparent reason.  The disease can be managed but not easily eliminated.  At this point we’re not overreacting but are prepared to deal with whatever result we get.  As a side note, our final lambs of the year were born Friday morning.  Angel delivered twins: one boy, one girl.  I named the girl April because Mama really held out, she was way overdue.  The twins had a slow start and aren’t real big but they’re both nursing and doing great now.

After church and a nice breakfast we worked on the garden.  It took all afternoon.  Brian spread manure and we rototilled.  We added a new patch and expanded the main garden by about 1/3 rd.  I think I need to look for some kind of seeding tool to help me plant everything this year.  I’m really not looking forward to doing the long garden again.  I bought my seed potatoes at Big Acre again this year since I had good luck there last year.  They are all cut up and ready to go in.  I bought onion sets at Luke’s (grocery) because I happened to see them there.  I’m hoping they work out better than the pretty onion flowers I grew last year!  Peas, spinach, and brocolli need to go in too.

I still haven’t started any seeds indoors.  It was on the calendar for Thursday but I was tired after work and still haven’t got to it.  Maybe tomorrow.

Brian spreading manure on the long garden.

Gross! June "cleaning" the bucket.

I made a new patch in the pasture for pumpkins and watermelon. We'll fence it off and in the fall we'll let the animals in to eat the leftovers.

After Brian showed me how to run the rototiller I mixed all that manure in to the long garden.

Brian rototilled the main garden.

The main garden all ready for planting. Brian leveled off a spot in the back to make it quite a bit bigger this year.

How is your garden prep coming?  Have you started seeds?  I feel like I’m way behind everyone else but I’m working off a last frost date of June 1st to be safe.  Are you expanding your garden or scaling back?  Adding anything right now besides manure?


6 thoughts on “Playin’ in the Dirt

  1. Farmer's Daughter

    We’re behind, too. The perennial flowers are easy, they just keep coming back each year, so I’m happy with those gardens, but my veggie garden looks the same as it did all winter. We’re hoping to add manure and get peas, early lettuce, etc. planted next weekend.

    And out dogs love to eat manure, too…. mostly horse manure.

  2. Rich

    Have you ever heard of the EarthWay Garden Seeder?

    You can easily and quickly plant a variety of seeds such as corn, beans, beets, spinach, sunflowers, etc. by simply switching in the proper plate.

    I cut my gardening teeth with an older version of the Earthway Seeder, and don’t think I would want to garden without one. It also makes it easy to plant things like double rows of beans, blocks of covercrop blackeyed peas, etc.

  3. Lindsay

    Wow! Things are really coming along nicely for you! It was way too cold here in Quebec to get any outdoor gardening done. I am so excited that my significant other is really into gardening this year! Every day he comes to where the seeds are planted and gets all excited when another one has spouted. ha ha

  4. Julie

    I’m so behind!!!! I usually have peas in by now, but that didn’t happen. My strawberry plants look good and a friend brought me some lettuce and parsley already planted in a container. = / That’s all so far.


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