2 Week Menu Plan

Monday: grilled cheese & chips
Tuesday: chicken on grill & noodles
Wednesday: Parmesan crusted fish fillets & garlic pasta
Thursday: chicken patties & homemade mac & cheese
Friday: roast in the crockpot
Saturday: homemade pizza & garlic bread (trying a new dough recipe)

Sunday: leftovers
M: hamburgers & hot dogs on the grill & chips
T: steak on grill & noodles
W: tilapia in crockpot w/ garlic cheese sauce & hashbrowns
R: spaghetti & garlic bread (or baked rotini)
F: ham slices & homemade mac & cheese
S: nachos

What’s on your menu this week?


6 thoughts on “2 Week Menu Plan

  1. Lindsay

    Yummy! Your blog entry made me hungry for supper! hee hee!

    This week we are having,

    Sunday- Beef Stew
    Monday- chicken Ceasar Salad
    Tuesday- Meat Loaf with homemade Mac and Cheese
    Wednesday- Chicken Alfredo/Garlic bred
    Thursday- Dressing Chicken bake with Rice
    Then of course Friday is homemade pizza night which is our little tradition.


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