My Seed Starting Schedule

I put together a rough schedule based on last spring’s weather and what I plan to grow.

To start indoors:

  • Tomatoes start 4/1 plant out by 6/1
  • Eggplant start 4/1 out by 6/1 (or dc 6/1)
  • Cukes start 5/1 out by 6/1 (or dc 6/1)
  • Pumpkins start 5/8 out by 6/1 (or direct seed 6/1)

To direct seed outdoors:

  • Peas try as early as 4/1, then succession plant
  • Onion sets 4/8
  • Corn 5/25 or a little earlier
  • Beans 6/1
  • Sunflowers 6/1
  • Carrots 6/1 or earlier

I’m sticking with 6/1 as my tentative finally-no-more-frosts date since that’s about what it was last year.  Who knows what will happen with this funky weather!


3 thoughts on “My Seed Starting Schedule

    1. marriedtothefarm Post author

      I personally like lettuce but Brian insists it might kill him so I don’t bother. Plus, and I know this is a dumb excuse, but I have a really hard time getting all the dirt off my lettuce and the grit of sand between my teeth is a big turn off.


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