The Highlights

For those who blog, do you find yourself thinking “oh, I could blog about this…and this…and this” throughout the day?  I do that a lot.  Especially, for some reason, when I have a bad day.  I think it’s because bad days around the farm are usually so ridiculous they’re almost funny.  I’d like to think I have a knack for weaving together stories of woe that make you laugh (like the one about the midnight chicken rescue) but those stories are probably only funny if you have the same sense of humor that I do.  I must be a little bit twisted.

So here’s a few highlights from today:

10:17 PM (last night): dog whining, likely has diarrhea, I just got to sleep!

2:00 AM: dog again, I said a prayer thanking God for preparing me for children and wrote Brian a note saying do NOT feed Bear, then spent 1/2 hour trying to fall back asleep

4:15 PM: Home from work, found a repeat of the other day’s lamb delivery, aka one stillborn one live, this time they’re very big lambs and the live one has a bent over front ankle that keeps him from getting up on his own

5 PM:  I’m crawling around in the lambing pen trying like heck to milk mama while my phone beeps low battery and the FIVE dogs bark loudly as though someone’s pulling in.  I crawl out of the pen and check the driveway, no one here.  They sound alarm again once I’m back in the pen.  I finally call Brian for backup before my battery dies.  We get some milk in the lamb and do some other chores.

7 PM:  Thinking how good dinner’s going to taste as I turn off the oven and finish cooking the cheese sauce… go to stir in the noodles and realize I didn’t cook any yet!

Let’s hope that’s it for the day!  How was yours?


4 thoughts on “The Highlights

  1. Jenilee

    sounds like quite a day! I can’t imagine all the things you go through in a day and I’m sure that as you look back, many of them are funny! I enjoy reading about it all. 🙂

  2. Farmer's Daughter

    Sounds like a typical day! Did you ever notice that nothing is easy? You go to do something that should be simple and it always takes more time than you think.

    I always think of things to blog about but then forget. I think I need to take a notepad along with me to jot down ideas, but I never remember that either!

    Sorry about the stillborn lambs 😦

  3. Angie

    Bummer about the stillborns.

    Once again, I agree with Farmer’s Daughter (I should really read her blog regularly!) I think of things and forget what they are when I need to write.

  4. Julie

    =) I like those quirky moments…they let me know I’m not the only one. lol!! I was thinking along these lines the other day when I laid down with some relaxing music and was going to practice some of the relaxation stuff I learned at my childbirth class…only to be interrupted numerous times. Yeah, that was relaxing. lol! Oh well.


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