Menu Plan Monday

You know something works when your husband asks you to do it, i.e. Brian has been saying all week, “Will you plllleassee make a menu plan!?”  He likes it because he gets home first and it helps to get dinner going.  So here goes… this time I made up the plan for part of next week too.  Brian will be gone the end of next week so the plan stops when he leaves.  I can totally slip into cereal for dinner if it’s just me. 🙂

Monday: Baked Tilapia w/ fried rice (something like this tilapia recipe)

Tuesday: Chicken Fingers w/ homemade mac n’ cheese

Wednesday: Cowboy Calzones

Thursday: Garlic Chicken in the crockpot w/ noodles

Friday: Pizza w/ breadsticks (using leftover calzone dough)

Saturday: Chicken Sandwiches w/ chips

Sunday: Tilapia in crockpot w/ mashed potatoes

Monday: Porcupines (I change up the recipe but that gives you the idea)

Tuesday: Ham slices w/ potato balls

Alot of my recipes this week came from Tiffany’s Eat at Home.  She’s always full of good ideas.  Also visit Menu Plan Monday for more inspiration!


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