Chick Pics and Setting More

The chicks are doing great.  I moved them to the brooder after about 38 hours in the bator (for the oldest ones).  They are super vigorous and healthy, I am thrilled!

I don’t know if you can see it in the pics at all but they are already getting some little feather on the tips of their wings.  One had a little poop stuck to it’s butt so I soaked it with a warm, wet wash cloth and pulled most of that off.  All six are healthy, eating and drinking, and sleeping a lot.  I raised their heat lamp a little bit because they were crowded at the far end and obviously too hot.  Now they are moving around comfortably although a thermometer right under the lamp is only reading just over 90 degrees F.  I usually start them at 99 and go down gradually but if they’re happy, I’m happy.

I set 24 more eggs in the bator tonight!  This could definitely be addicting.  I’m hoping for a better hatch rate this time since I stored all the eggs at room temperature, in egg cartons, and tipped them a couple times each day by putting a canning jar ring under one side of the cartons.

Oh, I almost forgot… I let the bator run with the last 4 eggs in it until late last night.  When I took the chicks out I let the eggs go for another 8 hours or so then I figured they were duds so I candled them.  One of the eggs peeped at me.  I put them all back in the bator right away and hoped he would hatch.  He never even pipped the shell so I finally opened up all 4 eggs last night.  2 eggs just had yolks and maybe some very early development.  The other 2 had fully developed chicks inside but they were both dead.  I think they must have gotten stuck from the loss of humidity when I opened the bator and took the chicks out and then opened it and candled them.  I guess next time I’ll wait longer if the chicks are doing okay in there, and I’ll grab them out quick and then not open the bator again for a few days.  I really thought the eggs all had plenty of time to hatch but I guess not.  It was so sad to see those two chicks that never got to come out but I’m glad to have the 6 that did.  I guess incubating is a learning experience just like anything else! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Chick Pics and Setting More

  1. The Mom

    They are so cute. My son wants to hatch our own this year. I’m not sure if that will happen, but we will certainly be getting more chicks regardless.


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