I’m still here, and a list of excuses

They’re not really excuses I guess,  just the truth about what’s been taking up all my time lately! 🙂

My routine is all messed up. I usually get up a little before 7, clean the house  and do my general housework until about 8:30 or so, eat breakfast while blogging, then do chores and go to work.  This is the second week now that the builder and the electrician have both been here.  The builder shows up about 8 so I’ve been trying to do chores early – I don’t mind the builder but I miss my alone time in the barn.  It is a nice way to start the day.  Then the electrician shows up at 8:30 ish so I lose my privacy in the house and usually my power too, i.e. my ability to make breakfast and blog.  Plus, I’ve spent a good chunk of each morning rearranging whatever room they are going to wire next so they can get to the walls.  That leads me too…

I decided to paint. Our office is the only room downstairs that I haven’t painted and it was pretty drab.  Since I had all the furniture pulled to the middle of the room already I bought paint.  I did the ceiling last night and am going to start the walls this morning.  More about this in a seperate post.

The chicks are due to hatch. Does anyone remember me writing about sitting in my closet watching my seedlings grow, and Brian making fun of me?  Yeah, an incubator in your basement is sort of like that.  Since my incubator comes back up to temperature super quick I have let myself candle the eggs a few times.  Candling is where you shine a flashlight through them to see how they look inside.  This last weekend I broke open 14 eggs that looked empty – and they were.  I’m not surprised considering I pulled about 2/3 of the eggs for this hatch out of the fridge, not the ideal storage environment.  The good news is that 10 eggs are still cooking and all have some sort of dark mass in them.  I even saw movement in a few of them which thrilled me.  They’re due to hatch tomorrow so we’ll see if any do!

I filed the madness. Remember my great basket system for dealing with paperwork?  It does work great except once in awhile I should actually file the “to be filed” basket.  I haven’t done it in so long that we had 2 paper grocery bags crammed in the office with papers to be filed plus another basket full.  It took me all day on Saturday to get that organized.  Everything from previous years is put away and the file cabinet is all ready for 2010 papers.  Plus I balanced the checkbook again and moved some things around.  I found our “doing business as” (dba) paperwork so I’m going to take that to the bank and open a business checking account.  It will cost us about $6 a month which doesn’t thrill me but it will help us seperate business and personal stuff a little bit.  Plus, when we starting selling chickens and hay this summer we can finally accept checks written to “Becker Farms”.

I guess that’s enough to let me off the hook, eh?  I’ve still been sneaking around reading most of your blogs so I can stay in the loop.  I’ll be around a little more once this crazy week is over! 🙂


3 thoughts on “I’m still here, and a list of excuses

  1. Julie

    Those sound like some pretty good excuses!! I’ve missed you and was hoping everything was okay. =) Oh, and I’m glad I’m not the only one with shameful paper clutter stashed in bags…. lol!


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