Sunday Stroll

I actually took these pics earlier in the week with the hope of posting a Sunday Stroll.  It has taken all day to get the pics loaded with my sporadic internet connection but here they are…

A steer playing peek-a-boo

Apparently the wild rabbits have been snacking on our hay

Gee Sam, you weren’t nosing around in the snow, were you?

Dark, Maci playing

I took this one to show the extent on the drifts all over our yard

The chickens are doing really well even in the eggmobile and the bad weather.  I’m very happy with the heritage breeds I picked.

And the sun goes down on another day…

I hope you had a great Sunday!  To see who else took a stroll head over to The Quiet Country House.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Stroll

  1. Aisling

    Your photos have the same purple-blue quality of my stroll from yesterday. I enjoyed your stroll; especially the peek-a-boo steer! Too cute! I added you to the stroll list. Thank you for letting me know you posted these photos. Looks much the same in your area as it does in mine.

  2. everydaywomanusa

    Great pix, Jena! I know what you mean about a sporadic connection! How frustrating! Do you resize your pix first? I’ve found that really helps.

    Looks like you guys really have snow; we’re in “mud season” already; can’t wait for MORE snow!

    Thanks for sharing!


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