How to Burn Up a Saturday

My Mom came out last night and stayed over.  She came to pick up a quarter of beef for her freezer and it was nice to visit.  This morning her, Brian, and I were chatting.  “So what do you do around here when you’re not canning and freezing all that food,”  she inquired.  I laughed.  Brian made a comment that all I need is a good book and I don’t complain much.  True, I’ve spent many hours lately curled up under my heated blanket with a book or the computer.  I suppose it is okay to relax.  After all, there are only a few months of the year when that is even an option around here!  But still, there is a lot that needs doin’:
I could…

  • Do the budget for January.  This is our third month on a full budget and the third time had better be the charm!
  • Along with the budget I want to make up some kind of visual aid for our savings progress.  Maybe a thermometer type chart to go on our fridge.  We’re done paying for the new barn so – now we get to start saving for a semi trailer – then we can FINALLY tackle the debt! Can’t wait!
  • Work on the newsletter/order forms for the farm.  I want to get those out this month or next.
  • Finish cleaning the basement.  Brian did a lot Wednesday night but the electrician starts Monday morning and we have a ways to go before he can walk around down there without tripping on something.
  • Tackle the mountain of clean laundry that needs attention.
  • Draw up some ideas for a windbreak for the big cattle.  We bought some new calves and they stole their spot in the barn. (pics coming soon, I promise!)
  • Umm, I could clean the house, like mop and sweep again, but that’s really an ongoing project.
  • Go through my seeds and get organized for spring.  I don’t think I need to order a lot this year.  Last year I had good luck starting seeds under a light in the house but I had a lot of trouble hardening them off gradually.  Any thoughts or ideas?  I do want to expand the garden but I’m going to focus more on the main crops that we need all year instead of many little plants that don’t provide much food.  Wish I had a greenhouse!
  • Along that line – I should sit down and make out a list of goals for the year.  Last year was the Git ‘Er Done list.  This year we’re going is so many different directions it will be a fw different lists: financial, farm/business, house/buildings, personal, etc.  I’m waiting for Brian’s input on this.

This list is so long, I’m stopping here!  Guess it’s time to pick something to do instead of talking about.  How are you burning through your Saturday?  I’d love to hear about it – any excuse to “relax”! 😀


12 thoughts on “How to Burn Up a Saturday

  1. Judy

    I had to laugh at your fifth possibility. I’m really great at doing the laundry and folding it but it seems like it takes a major effort to get it out of the laundry baskets and into drawers. Why is that?

    1. marriedtothefarm Post author

      Lol, I agree exactly. When I lived at home I used to complain that it was pointless to hang things up when you’re just going to take them back down again. I think if we have children I’m going to do it like they do on 18 and Counting: just have an area in the house set aside for clothes and everyone goes there instead of keeping clothes in each bedroom. Heck, I might do it just for us if we ever get our basement spruced up enough! 🙂

  2. Captain's Wife - Jennifer

    I was reading in a garden book today to make a makeshift cold frame out of hay bales and old windows to use to harden off seedlings. That could be an option for you to harden them off? I used my little greenhouse hubby made me to harden off…but there were a lot of nights that the seedlings ended up back in the house all over my bedrom floor because it was too chilly for them. My youngest and I made soap today out of melt and pour shea base and lavender essential oil. Other than that, I should be doing laundry but I am poking on the computer and dreaming of spring! 🙂

    1. marriedtothefarm Post author

      Haha, the seedlings all over the bedroom sounds like something I would do. That’s a really good idea with the hay bales, I have at least one window already that I saved for something like that. I was going to build wooden sides but bales would be much easier. Ooh, I bet your soap smells so good, bet that was fun.

  3. April

    I loved the sentence about your husband saying all you needed was a good book and you didn’t complain much. That is me to a tee! All of my days are sandwiched in between pages of whatever book I am reading. I have been thinking about the summer garden and when to start seeds. (Reading seed catalogs counts as reading too!)

    1. marriedtothefarm Post author

      I’m glad you can relate. 🙂 I’m on the last book in the Earth’s Children series right now and while I want to race through and see what happens I know I’ll be so bummed that there isn’t another one to read. Hopefully a new one comes out soon!

  4. Lindsay

    Wow! That would be a very busy Saturday if you got all that done! On a Saturday that doesn’t have anything “pressing” to do, I find it hard to get motivated to actually accomplish my “honey-do” list. This weekend I had so much planned to do but got distracted and half of it got pushed aside. I guess tomorrow is another day.

  5. Carrie

    Enjoy all the quite “yourself time” you can. The chores will always be there, the to do list will never be complete because you’ll just find more to do as you accomplish things that are on it, but when you decide to grow the family along with all the other things you’re growing you’ll long for time to curl up and relax 🙂


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