Cookie Day!

This is the second (or third?) year in a row that my cousin, Carrie, and I have got together to bake cookies.  We make several different kinds and bundle them up to give away at Christmas.  We make some for each aunt and uncle’s family.  Its saves us from buying presents for everyone but we avoid that feeling of not having given anything.

It was a fun day.  We got quite a bit done, especially considering that we didn’t start until around noon and Carrie had to feed the baby several times throughout the day.  He was fun to have around and seemed to like the Christmas music we were playing.  She had dressed him in the sweater I knitted for her shower gift.  It looked so cute on him!

Carrie had a great idea and grabbed some of those ready to bake cookies out of her fridge before coming over.  We rolled them out and cut them in to shapes!  Of course they were just for us to eat now, not for Christmas.  We had to get warmed up, ya know.

As part of Abbie’s Christmas Cookie Recipe Swap I’m going to post our other cookie creations one by one over the next few days.  Check back if you’re hungry for something sweet! 🙂

What types of things do you with your friends and family to prepare for the holidays?  Do you share in the baking and cooking, maybe even year ’round?  We’re talking about getting together again for a freezer cooking day.  Sounds like fun to me!


6 thoughts on “Cookie Day!

  1. cari

    i loooove baking! wednesday we did a cookie exchange at my aunt barb’s house, and i gave each household a basket full of cut out cookies. some were sugar and some were your mom’s honey recipe (YUM!) frosting them was hellacious, though, because i had to be crafty and decorate everything cute. like the snowmen white with little black hats and charcoal eyes and buttons, trees with stars on top and different color lights, presents w/ everyone’s name on it…etc. i might have gone overboard.

    1. marriedtothefarm Post author

      Oh, I should have called you! I love sugar cookies, plain and honey. I bet your cookies looked great since you are sort of a perfectionist. I remember in school when you used to throw out your paper and start over again because you didn’t think your handwriting was quite right. Crazy girl! 😉

  2. Julie

    I like making candy…fudge, different chocolate barks, peanut brittle, truffles, etc… To me, the only cookie there is is chocolate chip! =D Well, maybe not the only, but I rarely make any other.

  3. everydaywomanusa

    What a nice tradition! I sure hope those receiving your wonderful gifts of cookies appreciate all the time, energy, and love that went into them!

    Today (Sunday), we went on a traditional Christmas shopping trip with 3 generations: my Mom (Mema); my daughter, Abbie, and myself. My tradition seems to be racing to try to finish up at the last minute!


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