In Pursuit of Pudding

All I wanted to do was whip up a batch of homemade chocolate pudding. After my night last night and a busy day at work some warm pudding sounded great. It started so simply…

I pulled out the cabinet where I keep my 50# bag of Pioneer (local) sugar.  As I opened the bag a mouse leapt up at me!!

Me:  AHHHHHHHHH!!!  Maci get the mouse, get the mouse, GET THE MOUSE!!!  Ahhhh!!

Maci:  (cocks her head, bounces around excitedly, but has no idea what I’m yelling about)

Me:  Where’s the cat, where’s the cat, AHHHH, where’s the cat!!???!!

I run around the house until I find the cat, grab him, and promptly shove his head in the sugar bag.

Baxter:  What the #$%^!?!?

Maci & Bear:  Ohh, is there something in there!?  What issss it?  Can we help?

Baxter:  Oh yes, I see it, AHH HA! (Bats around inside sugar bag, acting crazy)

After a few seconds he lost interest.  We promptly repeated the whole routine again with him, again, losing interest.

I finally lifted the whole bag out.  By then the mouse was out of the bag but in the bottom of the cabinet.  I quickly lifted out both plastic bags of flour from the bottom… umm but now there is no mouse in the cabinet any more…!?

Me:  AHHHHHHHHH!!!! Maci eat the mouse, eat the mouse, GET IT!! (Frantically trying to shake mouse out of bag)

He wouldn’t come out so finally, when all the flour was spread on my kitchen floor, I realized there was no need to shake the now white mouse to death.  Instead I ran out the front door and dumped him in the field across the road.  He was relieved, I am sure.

Maci:  Mom, I have no idea why you just spent 10 minutes yelling and shaking flour and sugar all over the kitchen but it was really fun of you and nice to share!  We love you. 🙂  We’ll even be happy to help clean up.

Isn’t living on a farm great?

For the record I’m not really too afraid of mice in general but I hate being surprised and I hate mice in my food and in my kitchen.  In case you ever want to eat at my house again I can assure you I’ll discard the 10#+ of sugar and mouse droppings left in that bag.  I busted in to my emergency 40#s of sugar from the basement and made that pudding.  Check out Smitten Kitchen for the Best Chocolate Pudding.  I made mine in a regular pan and just stirred it a lot so it didn’t burn.  Delicious, and worth all the screaming.


10 thoughts on “In Pursuit of Pudding

  1. Julie

    =D Sorry, this was funny. But I think you meant it to me…at least a little! Thanks for sharing the link. I can’t wait to try that recipe. I love it when something turns out so good it’s worth the trouble to make it.

  2. Farmer's Daughter

    Haha!!! I’d get some air-tight canisters to store it in! I was eyeing some nice glass ones at Lehman’s the other day. I think they hold 10lbs, but then you could always wrap up what’s left in the bag…

    So glad we don’t have mice! Knock on wood! My fave pic is of the dog with the flour and sugar all over 🙂

    1. marriedtothefarm Post author

      I thought I might break down and buy some of the big plastic containers they sell to store pet food in. I wish I could find something glass that was big enough. As it is, I’m hoping to just get rid of the mice and not have to worry. I’m glad they don’t bother my flour (knock on wood).

  3. Abutton

    I hate mice. We have to battle them every fall/winter, and it gets old really fast. Like yours, our dog gets really excited when there’s a mouse around, and she usually catches it, too. 🙂

    1. marriedtothefarm Post author

      Glad to see followed me to the new blog. You’re right, the mice do get old fast. I decided to get serious about it so I’ve been setting two different traps in all their favorites spots. So far I’ve caught 3 in the traps since turning that one loose. It grosses me out – I didn’t know we had that many!

  4. Angie

    These photos are the funniest thing I have seen in a while! The one were the cat is half in the sugar bag is priceless. I was laughing through this entire post!

    I’m with you – I’m not scared of mice either – just not really a fan of them.


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