The Best Carrot Cake Ever

I served this tonight at my sister’s birthday party. Everyone was raving about it! I was a little apprehensive when my sister requested a carrot cake but it was very easy to make.

I’m not going to repost the recipe here since I didn’t make many alterations to it. The recipe can be found in its entirety as Carrot Cake III on There it has over 2100 reviews and still gets 5 stars!

Here are my alterations:

-I followed the cake portion exactly except to add in a couple dashes of nutmeg and omit the nuts.

-For the frosting I dropped the confectioners’ sugar to 3 cups and added splashes of milk until I got a nice shiny, smooth consistency. The original recipe would have been way too stiff! I also omitted the nuts.

-I baked mine in (2) nine inch round cake pans. After cooling they were flat enough to stack without any trimming. One batch of frosting was plenty to go between the layers and frost the outside. I even had enough to dye some orange and add “Happy 17th Tresa” on top and a border around the bottom. And eat a little, of course.

I would have posted a picture but it was gone before I thought to take one! Enjoy!


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