What do you miss?

For the most part I think the readers here are the type to make sacrifices in an effort to either help the environment or save money, or both. Around here we’ve given up almost all processed and prepackaged goods. I generally don’t miss these things.

I really miss Kraft Mac N’ Cheese. In a box. Really, really miss it.


So quick. So easy. And cheesy. And delicious. Oh my. I really miss it, did I mention that?

Am I along here? What do you miss?


11 thoughts on “What do you miss?

  1. Judy

    I’ll confess- we still have the occasional blue box around here. But it’s definitely more of a treat than a staple! We have it maybe a couple of times a year. That and Zatarain’s Jambalaya mix. I make jambalaya to use up little left over bits of meat that we may have in the fridge. I can add just about anything I’ve got. I know I can make my own but I’ve never got it to taste right. Something else I miss but that we occasionally indulge ourselves in- deli meat- you know, those thin little slices of processed, pressed meatstuffs- not good for our health or the environment but Oh, so good!

  2. Farmer's Daughter

    I miss the Hidden Valley Spicy Ranch dressing. I know I could make my own, but it’s so much easier in a squeeze bottle!

    I also miss the little individually packaged lunch items. Not the taste, but the convenience of throwing them in my bag in the morning. Now it takes a little longer to pack lunch.

    1. marriedtothefarm Post author

      I second the lunch box items. I used to buy granola bars, little debbie cakes, and pudding cups for Brian. The alternatives are a lot more work. On the plus side, we’re all much healthier now!

  3. Angie


    I used to miss the blue box. It will pass – I promise. Now the thought of eating ‘powered cheese’ – not appealing at all.

    We have been off of prepackaged/prepared food for several years now. Last week I ate a Triscuit cracker and it tasted so artificial and so salty that it really hit home how much my tastes have changed and how sensitive I am now to ‘fake’ flavors and salt.

    I also realize how much less ‘trash’ we have since not eating prepared foods.

  4. Julie

    lol! I don’t know if I miss anything, but being honest, since I’ve been pregnant Steve gets more of that kind of mac n cheese than he has had in years. I feel bad about it, but he doesn’t complain… Do I miss anything? Hmmm…maybe double stuffed oreos?? I found a recipe that tastes VERY similar, but the texture is different, so they’re not quite the same. Mostly my taste has changed, so except for convenience, I’d almost always rather have homemade now. (Oh, I love Townhouse crackers) =)


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