Every Apple in the House

Instead of “every light in the house is on”… every apple in the house is peeled. Sure there are a few eating apples left but every apple that was destined for a jar is in one now. Last year I think I was done with apples in September. Not so much this year! I made applesauce for a long time. When I got to the end I did some apple pie filling.

Aren’t they pretty?


Note: be patient and heat apples through first to avoid this half filled look. I thought they were warm enough but I was wrong.

Here’s the aftermath:


Whew! Another canning season under my belt! I’m a little disappointed in my total amount of applesauce. I didn’t count them yet to know exactly what I have but it doesn’t look like as much as I wanted. However, I did can more pears and peaches than last year so we still might have enough fruit to get through the year.

Pantry update coming soon! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Every Apple in the House

  1. Judy

    Congrats! That’s a job well accomplished. The thing I always hate about apples is that it always seems like I’m peeling forever for the amount of product I end up with. sigh.


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