How I Freeze Homemade Bread

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I’m lovin’ homemade bread now that I can make a good loaf consistently. My schedule doesn’t allow for baking every day or every other day so I like to make several loaves when I can and freeze them. This is how I’ve been doing it. The bread tastes as good after freezing as it does before, albeit not as warm and tantalizing as it is fresh from the oven.

I do use plastic bags. I bought a “value size” box of storage bags on sale for less than $3. It includes 75 bags and twist ties to close them with.

1. Let each loaf of bread cool completely, then slice if desired. Put the loaf in to the bag, press the air out, and tie snugly.


2. Put 2 loaves into a paper grocery sack, side by side so that the long sides of the loaves touch the creased sides of the bag.


3. Fold the bag over as shown and tape or staple securely.


4. Label clearly along the front and stack in your freezer.


To use I take a bag of 2 loaves out and set them both on the counter to thaw. They’ll thaw completely within the first day unless your house is colder than mine (unlikely!). We use both loaves up in under a week.

If you want to wrap one loaf at a time just cut the grocery sack into smaller pieces. I have plenty of them to use up. If you don’t have the sacks you could a)save brown paper that comes packed in shipping boxes or ask a local business to save it for you or b)use the thick plastic from the inside of cereal boxes to wrap your loaves in instead.

Don’t forget to save your plastic storage bags and twist ties. That one $3 box should last me for years. I tried saving regular bread bags but my homemade bread didn’t fit in them as nicely.

Enjoy! 🙂


11 thoughts on “How I Freeze Homemade Bread

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  2. Amanda

    How long do you think you can keep the loaves in the freezer, or how long do you keep them in the freezer? We are expecting our second baby in October, and I want to have different types of meals, foods, and bread made in large quantities ahead of time to get us through at least the first few months. It will make life a lot easier to plan ahead this time (I learned that the hard way last time.). Thanks ahead of time!

    1. marriedtothefarm Post author

      I’ve stored bread this way for several months. I would say you could definitely make enough to get you through the first couple months after baby comes, or longer if you want. The bread won’t be quite as nice and fluffy and when freshly baked but if you wrap it well it shouldn’t show any signs of freezer burn. Congratulations and good luck!

  3. Michael W

    Would it be possible to store individual slices (1 to 2) in plastic sandwich bags, then wrap in paper sandwich bags? A single loaf of bread tends to go bad before we finish it, let alone 2.

    1. marriedtothefarm Post author

      You could definitely store the slices individually in sandwich bags as you said. I would suggest a thicker outer wrap though, paper sandwich bags are pretty thin. Putting them inside of cardboard cereal boxes may work out. And you could reuse the plastic bags indefinitely.


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