Day in the Life: Part 2

5:45 PM: Still peeling apples! I’ve got a full load (7 quarts) processing and lots to go. I’ve been doing some here and there and want them DONE. Of course I’ve taken a few breaks. I read all 3 parts of the “how we came to be” story over at Who Says 8 is Enough? I give them a lot of credit, I don’t know if I could ever handle being a foster parent! Other than reading that I’ve just had the DR show going on my laptop or iTunes playing.

6 PM: Brian called and said he’s going to be at the field for awhile yet. He went to take a load of soybeans to the elevator for the neighbor that we work with and he’s going to haul more than he thought. I did chores: fed the horses some hay, threw in hay and corn for the 2 steers, and checked the chickens. They usually only need their water and feed refilled every few days but we check them and look for eggs once or twice a day. The chickens are hilarious. I bring them kitchen scraps and goodies so often that they come running to the edge of their fence every time I walk outside. They couldn’t keep up today, I took them the second batch of apple peels and most of the first batch was still left. I wish we had pigs. (hey – no rolling your eyes! I saw that!)

6:45 PM: My feet hurt from standing at the counter. I let 2 of the dogs out to play outside. Sam, the medium one, gets to stay in. He’s grounded, I decided, since he led his sister far far away to neighbors the other day. Bad dog!!

7 PM: Brian’s home! Oh, but he left again to go pick up a truck or something.

8:45 PM: I’m done peeling apples. Not done done like I wanted to be but done for the night. Only about 3/4 of a laundry basket to go! I warmed up some leftovers for me and browned some burger for Brian to have with cream of mushroom soup and toast. I sliced the 2 new loaves of bread and bagged them. then sat down and ate.

9 PM: Shopped online for vital wheat gluten. I’m paying $0.35 per loaf for it at the grocery story and could buy it online for $0.21 per loaf including shipping. I think I might call a couple health food stores first and see if they sell it in bulk for even less.

10 PM: I washed sheets today so we put new ones on the bed, then we settled in and watched the newest episode of Cougar Town on hulu. It is pretty funny and we both like it.

10:45 PM: Brian’s sleeping, I’m trying to finish this up with the cat on my lap. I’m going to shop around on here a little more in search of leakproof containers for our lunches. I like taking fruit and veggies but the containers we have always leak and that’s a good way to ruin library books (ask me how I know!).

That’s a typical day for me. Hope it wasn’t too boring! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Day in the Life: Part 2

  1. Farmer's Daughter

    I like the day in the life posts. I did one for me in winter about a year ago, and meant to do one in summer but totally forgot.

    It’ll be interesting to look back on when I have the baby and realize that I thought I was busy before 🙂

    Ed’s fishing today so I’m cleaning the house, may make some cranberry jelly before I clean the kitchen (since red splatters are inevitable). But the weather’s in the 60’s and sunny, so I may just throw the plans out the window and head outside instead.

    I thought of you the other day, I was telling a couple of my girlfriends how much I want to get chickens this spring, and they were totally grossed out. They said they can’t understand how we eat animals we know before hand, and I said they’re animals either way, and at least this way I know they had a good life. People are so disconnected from their food, and I forget since I’m so used to it. But the way we live is pretty different from the average, at least around here. I wouldn’t change it though!

    1. marriedtothefarm Post author

      Lol, yes, what will you do with baby! I think of that as I watch my boss juggle work and her 1 year old, how was she ever busy before. For me I think of the things I would have to give up or somehow make work with a little one around. Any baby of mine (and yours too I suspect) will have to learn to stay occupied while I weed the garden or whatever. I don’t think I’ll be the type to being holding baby every second of the day.

      I guess I just assumed it was trendy to eat local where you are. I’m pretty sheltered in our little hick town and most people don’t understand the way I think about food. The difference for me is that people here are in touch with their food supply, they just don’t understand how organic or grass fed could ever be better than round up ready and big ag. It is pretty funny that your friends were grossed out about chickens. I don’t think you should share your eggs when you get them! Haha.

  2. Julie

    I enjoyed reading about your day!! It’s so fun to read about what other women do. I use Bob’s Red Mill vital wheat gluten. I get a small bag of it at the health food store. It’s only a few dollars (less than 5?!) and lasts me awhile. I’m not sure how big it is… that would be helpful wouldn’t it?! Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll find out for you. I’m all inspired to use up the rest of my apples…but I think I’m going to make an apple crisp. =)

  3. Lorrieena

    I use canning jars for storage containers – trying not to use plastic. The jars are sturdy, don’t break easy, and seal well. I just draw on the lids so I know not to use those for actual canning, just in case.

    I’m working on putting up apples, too, but it sounds like you have more! Enjoy them!

    1. marriedtothefarm Post author

      Maybe I should give the canning jars another shot. I do have a lot of the small ones that would be about right for my lunch. My husband has been using a jar for his daily helping of applesauce. My only concern is having a jar break, I’m pretty rough with my work bag. Thanks for the tip!


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